Barn Door Project

September 23rd, 2016

You can make stylish barn doors for a closet, bathroom, or really any room you like using Patriot Timber Products RevBead® plywood beadboard panels.

In this project, we constructed barn style doors for a hall closet. We cut a sheet of RevBead plywood beadboard into two panels the size needed for our closet. We then cut strips of pine boards to go around the edges as an outline, and across the middle for an additional accent. Our RevBead® is a 2-sided panel so we attached the pine strips to both sides which helped stabilize and strengthen the doors. Using wood glue and 1/4” crown staples, the strips were attached as shown in the pictures below. We used 3/4″ staples so they did not penetrate through the bottom side of the panel.

To complete our look, we used a gray white-wash finish to give the doors a drift wood appearance. The doors were then hung onto a metal slide that can be purchased at your local hardware/home improvement store. Simple handles were attached as the finishing detail.

They turned out beautifully and it was a super easy project to complete. There are a number of different designs and colors that can be incorporated into this project to suit your need and style. Our RevBead® is a 2-sided panel which gives you additional options for painting or staining the doors, because one side is a natural wood grain and the other has a VOC Free, latex-based primer.

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