RevolutionPly® Holiday Sign & Presents Display – Part II

December 23rd, 2019

In continuation of the RevolutionPly® Holiday Sign & Presents Display project, the final steps are to decorate the pieces to complete our holiday display.

For the holiday sign, we chose to paint it red.  After the second coat was completely dry, we then lightly sanded and added a medium stain, wiping it off immediately just to produce a weathered look to the piece.  White stenciling was applied, followed by a coat of polyurethane for added weather protection.  A thin strip of wood cut approximately 6” x 2” was given a coat of paint and polyurethane as well.  A hinge was then applied attaching this strip to the back of the sign, to allow the sign to stand at a slight angle.

As for the presents, we chose to paint them white, red and green for some variation.  The same process was used with the stain and polyurethane as on the holiday sign.  Thin strips of wood were prepared with hinges attached to allow the presents to stand at an angle as well.  The presents were then embellished with beautiful bows to finish off the festive look.

See the photos of the finished project below.

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