RevolutionPly® Decorative Birdhouses – Part II

August 17th, 2017

To begin construction of the RevolutionPly® decorative birdhouse project, we are using both 1/4″ and 1/2″ RevolutionPly® panels.  The 1/2″ RevolutionPly® is better for use in framing the birdhouses to add greater stability, while the 1/4″ RevolutionPly® is best for the roof and trim pieces.  We decided to also incorporate our RevBead® Reversible Plywood Beadboard panel in this project as well.  One of the four birdhouses will be constructed from RevBead® to produce a different look.  The beadboard panel should lend to the beachy/coastal look of the summer themed birdhouse.

Careful measurements are taken for each piece or section of the birdhouses.  Some of the pieces are cut at an angle, so using a miter box or miter saw makes these cuts much easier.  After all pieces are cut, the edges are lightly sanded with a block sander or sand paper to smooth any rough edges for cleaner, more precise construction.

See the pictures below of the measuring/cutting process, and of the pieces that are ready for assembly.  Check back next week for progress on our RevolutionPly® decorative birdhouse construction.

RevolutionPly® is a Lauan/Meranti plywood substitute that is made from 100% plantation and sustainable wood sources making it great for crafting projects.

For more information on Patriot Timber Products RevolutionPly® and RevBead® Reversible Plywood Beadboard, please visit or; or for more information on the entire line of Patriot Timber Family of Panel Products, visit

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