Happy Halloween Part I

October 25th, 2016

Halloween occurs each year on October 31st and is a time of celebration and superstition.  It began as the eve of the Celtic New Year observed on November 1st.  The night before was thought to be the time when the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred, so to ward off roaming ghosts, bonfires were lit and costumes were worn.  Later it became a practice of leaving bowls of food and goodies on porches to prevent ghosts from entering homes.

Halloween has evolved into more of a children’s celebration through trick or treating, in which they receive candy and treats from neighbors; and it’s also an excuse for folks to dress up in costumes and have parties.  In preparation of this spooky holiday, many people decorate their homes and lawns with ghosts and goblins that dare trick or treaters to be brave enough to collect their treats.

A very scary, but easy lawn decoration can be made with some RevolutionPly® plywood and paint.  We traced and cut out the shapes pictured below using a sheet of RevolutionPly® plywood and a jigsaw.  After lightly sanding the edges, craft paint was applied.

Check back with us for Part II and the finished product of this Halloween craft.

For more information on RevolutionPly® go to www.PatriotTimber.com

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