Birch Plywood and RevolutionPly® Wine Rack – Part III

February 8th, 2017

Now that the outer box frame is complete, the next step in our birch plywood and RevolutionPly® wine rack project is to construct the inside shelving that will hold wine bottles.

Each of the inside pieces are measured and notched halfway through the panels, so that they will fit together forming an “x” shape.  Then the “x” shape is inserted into the box frame, so there are now four sections for wine bottle storage.

Thin strips of trim wood are used on the edges that will be visible on the “x” shape, and to frame the outer square for a finished look and also to secure the shelving in place.  See attached pictures of the progress.

Check back next week to see how we add backing to the wine rack and a beautiful stain to complete the project.

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