Top 5 Uses for RevolutionPly® Panels

May 3rd, 2016

1)     Plywood UnderlaymentRevolutionPly® plywood is a viable, long term sustainable alternative to  Meranti plywood/Lauan plywood.  RevolutionPly® panels can be used as a plywood underlayment for your next flooring project.  It is suitable for use under resilient flooring, vinyl tile, carpet, engineered flooring and wood floors.

2)     Crafts & Woodworking Projects – with its straight uniform grain, RevolutionPly® plywood is easy to cut, score, and finish. It is perfect for many crafting projects including dollhouses, birdhouses and other small handicrafts.

3)     CabinetryRevolutionPly’s premium grade and appearance make it the perfect choice for many cabinetry projects such as bookshelves.  With 100% uniform light red color, it is easy to stain and paint, helping you to finish your cabinetry project with ease.

4)     Wall Paneling – with its straight uniform grain and consistent color from sheet to sheet, RevolutionPly® plywood is the perfect product for wall paneling.

5)     Furniture – the uniform grain, consistent color and stability of RevolutionPly® plywood make it an excellent choice for drawer bottoms, drawer sides, case backs and other furniture part applications.


Choose RevolutionPly® plywood instead of Meranti Plywood/Lauan Plywood for your next home improvement project!



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