Tips to Avoid Discoloration of Your Resilient Flooring

February 25th, 2015

All too often, discoloration of resilient flooring originates from the type of fasteners used. Staples, Nails and Screws that have no anti-rust coatings should not be used to fasten plywood underlayment panels.  These fasteners can rust when they come in contact with seam fillers, flooring adhesives or sub-floor panels that may have higher than acceptable moisture content. This can lead to reddish-brown discolorations in the finished floor as these unsightly discolorations get trapped under the wear layer of the resilient flooring .

Oil is another cause of discoloration as over-oiled pneumatic nailers may leave residue on the surface of the plywood underlayment during the installation process. If this residue is not removed prior to the floor being installed, it may migrate through the finished floor, leaving stains under the wear layer.

At Patriot Timber, we recommend you install our plywood underlayment panels over clean, dry, level & sound structural sub-floors. We also recommend the use of galvanized coated fasteners which will eliminate the potential for rust and will prevent discoloration of your resilient flooring. Always thoroughly sweep and remove any debris or possible contaminates from the surface of the installed plywood underlayment prior to the installation of your resilient flooring product.


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