“Spring Has Sprung” – Part II

May 7th, 2015

Fresh vine ripened tomatoes for sandwiches, fragrant cucumbers for salads, or sweet and juicy watermelons on a hot day; there are not many things better than fresh from the garden foods.  Spring is the time to plant these delicacies for enjoyment during the summer months.

Another idea along the garden labeling theme is garden stakes for use in labeling plants in the outdoor garden.

A template was used to cut shapes to construct our garden stakes from some scrap pieces of RevolutionPly® plywood.  After a light sanding of the edges, a coat of paint was applied to the primed side of the panel.  The name of each plant was then painted onto each stake.  As with our indoor herb garden stakes, wooden dowels were glued onto the signs, so they can be inserted into the soil next to the appropriate plant.  Again, you can get creative with your garden stake designs.  We painted a border on ours just to make them stand out a bit more.


Join us again next week for “Spring Has Sprung” – Part III !

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