“Spring Has Sprung” – Part 1

April 30th, 2015

Finally, the beauty of spring is coming into focus.  The grass is green, the trees are blooming, and it’s time to get the gardens filled with brightly colored flowers and delicious, fresh vegetables and herbs.

A super easy idea for identifying your garden herbs is to create labeling stakes.  We used some scrap pieces of RevolutionPly® plywood leftover from another project to cut out small signs for an indoor herb garden.  A coat of paint and some decorative dots were added.  Then using a paint marker, we wrote the appropriate herb name on each stake.  Wood glue was used to attach a small wooden dowel to each one, so they can be inserted in the potting soil.  You can certainly get as creative as your imagination allows in the design and decoration.  This is both a simple and attractive way to distinguish between various herbs.



Visit next week for another segment of “Spring Has Sprung” for more great ideas to spruce up your garden.

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