RevolutionPly® Place Tags – Part II

June 27th, 2019

After measuring twice and cutting out the desired shapes, sand the edges to remove rough spots and splintering. Using a drill, a small hole is added to one end.

Two coats of silver or gold paint were applied to our tags. Once dry, the tags are ready for personalizing and decorating. We kept our design simple with only names applied using red and green lettering. A thin twine was measured and cut to lengths appropriate to thread through the tag hole, and hang the tags from glass stemware using a miniature clothes pin.

Not only did the name tags accent a beautiful table, but they were also a gift for each guest as a party favor.

See pictures below of this creative process and of the finished product.

For more information on Patriot Timber Products RevolutionPly® plywood, please visit or for more information on the entire line of Patriot Timber Family of Panel Products, visit

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