RevolutionPly® Plywood Cork Board

March 10th, 2017

Another great idea using RevolutionPly® plywood is to construct a framed cork board.  Not only is this a handy message center, but it can also be a stylish addition to a home’s décor.  It’s up to each individual’s taste how the cork board is finished with unique framing styles and colors.

All you need is a piece of RevolutionPly® plywood, cork material, wood moulding used for framing, glue, finishing nails, saw, hammer or nail gun, thin wood trim, paint, and a brush.

Cut the RevolutionPly® plywood and the cork material to desired size and glue the cork onto the plywood.  Then cut the pieces of moulding to frame the sides of the cork board.  Use glue and finishing nails to secure the framing in place.  Cut the trim pieces to outline the edges of the cork board to hide the edge of the plywood and cork material and to give the frame a finished look.  Once complete, add a coat of desired paint color to the framing.

See the pictures below of this project and of the finished cork board.

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