Professional Flooring Contractor vs. Flooring Installer

February 18th, 2015

Professional flooring contractors and flooring installers are not the same. Most often, a professional flooring contractor is hired in a commercial installation environment and a flooring installer is hired for a residential one.

Flooring contractors are typically hired for commercial flooring installations for the following reasons:

  1. Commercial flooring installations are typically more complex than residential installations
  2. Flooring contractors can meet the demands of the commercial installation environment – project scheduling being the most stringent demand
  3. They can manage a flooring project from start to completion – planning, preparation of substrate, storage and transportation of flooring materials, scheduling labor, and ensuring completion within the specified time frame
  4. Professional flooring contractors can perform specialty work such as inlays or patterns that may be required in a commercial installation
  5. They can look at a flooring project and make suggestions for the flooring materials that should be used
  6. Flooring contractors are used to working with most every type of flooring material and substrate, they can troubleshoot in order to ensure that an installation related flooring failure is avoided

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