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September 17th, 2014

Patriot Timber Family of Panel Products

As a plywood underlayment manufacturer, Patriot Timber Products knows plywood underlayment from the face to the back and everything in between. Since 1990, our plywood underlayment has been used throughout North America. It has a proven track record that includes excellent quality and outstanding product performance.

We manufacture premium plywood underlayment including SurePly® Premium Plywood Underlayment, IronPly® Premium Plywood Underlayment, and RevolutionPly® plywood.  SurePly® has a lifetime warranty for residential and non-rated commercial applications and IronPly® has a lifetime warranty for residential applications. All of our plywood underlayment panels have been tested and approved by the major flooring manufacturers for use with their line of flooring products. Our plywood underlayment panels contain no tropical hardwoods or species from endangered forests and are NGBS Green Certified for points toward ICC-700 National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS) green home certification by Home Innovation Research Labs. Our line of plywood underlayments meet and exceed customer expectations on every level.

As a plywood underlayment manufacturer, we offer extensive online support. Our installation guides, warranty information, specification sheets, FAQ’s, and our Flex & Look Test ( are available in downloadable PDF format at, and Please check out our full installation video which is relevant for all of our plywood underlayments at When you have product or installation related questions we are just a phone call away at (336)299-7755.

Whatever your plywood underlayment needs, Patriot Timber Products has you covered from the face to the back and everything in between. To learn more please visit


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