Laundry Room Made Beautiful with RevBead® Reversible Plywood Beadboard

August 4th, 2016

Another fabulous use of Patriot Timber’s RevBead® Reversible Plywood Beadboard that you may not think about is a backsplash in the laundry room.  This adds beauty and character to what may otherwise be a room that gets overlooked on style.  RevBead® has two beaded sides; one primed and ready for paint, the other showing the natural wood grain and ready for stain.  This is a multi-functional panel that is easy to install and requires no sanding, as the surface is smooth and ready for your choice of finishes.


See the pictures below of RevBead® being installed as a backsplash in a laundry room.  This project was an inexpensive and simple way to really dress up and finish this space.


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