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April 15th, 2015

Patriot Timber Products brings a combination of strengths unique to our industry. Our company originated in 1945 as a producer of Southern Yellow Pine lumber in High Point, NC.

In the late 1960’s, we shifted our core business to become an importer and distributor of Genuine Mahogany lumber, enabling us to better service the expanding furniture industry.

During the 1980’s, or company was based in London with procurement offices across the globe. We became part of an international wood trading business and began importing and selling tropical hardwood plywood. We continued to distribute tropical hardwood lumber to the furniture industry.

By the mid 2000’s, it became clear that much of the world’s supply of tropical hardwood products were being depleted due to poor forest management practices. We felt a financial and ethical responsibility to become promoters of wood products that are sourced from environmentally sustainable practices.

Today, we are a privately held US based company that prides itself in developing innovative panel products from sustainable wood sources. We bring outstanding value to our customers through our Patriot Timber Family of Panel Products.

We offer exceptional responsiveness, knowledge, and service from a management team that has over 150 years of experience in the imported wood industry. We operate our own manufacturing facility at source to ensure better product control with the most up-to-date information available.

When you choose Patriot Timber, you’ll gain a business relationship that is as sound and solid as any of our fine wood products. Many companies supply imported birch plywood, hardwood, hardwood plywood, and plywood underlayment products, but few understand the industry like we do; even fewer take the time to understand your business and your needs. We know how critical it is to provide accurate and timely information for making decisions and growing your business. We use a multi-person team approach and maintain a continuous chain of communication at all times, so you’ll always get the answers you need.

Our pride is showing.  Revolutionary business values backed by an unmatched commitment to delivering innovative quality wood products from sustainable wood sources – That’s Patriot Timber Products.

Please visit About Us to learn more of how Patriot Timber Products has the experience and dedication to meet your business needs.

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