Dog House Project: Part 3

January 30th, 2015

We’re back for part 3 of our dog house project. All the pieces are measured and cut to fit, using the dimensions given in Part 1 of the blog. The frame is complete and the door to our dog house has an entry to the fur baby’s new home.

Finished base for dog house

Finished door for dog house

Now we are ready to finish the base and all four sides of our dog house.*Always wear safety goggles when working with power tools.

For the base, we placed the RevolutionPly® panel on top of the frame and stapled (you can also use nails) the edges down securely. We also stapled the panel to the middle brace for additional support and stability.


For both side walls, we glued and stapled one of the 2’x2’ nailer boards to each end of the SurePly® Premium Plywood Underlayment panels.



For the 2’x2’ nailer boards used to brace the roof to the front and back panels, we glued and stapled them to the IronPly® Soffit panels. First we measured one inch from the edge of each panel and marked them. Then one at a time, we laid the panels on top of the base with the mark down. We scribed a line on both ends for placement of the nailer boards. This created a slight overhang for the back of the doghouse and a much wider overhang for the front. We allowed the glue to dry for 24 hours.


We put a base coat of paint on the front, back and side panels and allowed them to dry for 24 hours along with the glue.


Now we are ready to assemble the dog house. We started by marking 1-1/2” down the side of the base on all 4 sides and used a straight edge to draw straight lines. This gives you a starting point to begin attaching the walls. Take one of the walls and make sure it is even with the line you marked on the base (the edge of the walls should be even with the length of the base). Next we stapled it to the base. Then we took the back wall and aligned it just like the side wall and stapled it as well. The front and back were cut longer than the base to overlap the side walls. (When all four walls are assembled, the front and back will be aligned with the outside edges of the walls). Next you will nail the back wall to the nailer board that was attached to the side wall. Complete this same process for the remaining 2 sides.




Once all four walls have been assembled, it’s time to attach the roofing panels. Affix one panel in place making sure the longer overhang is in the front over the door. Make sure you  align the edge of the roofing panel with the top point of the A-Frame on the front and back panels. The top panels will be stapled to the front and back panels using the nailer boards.

The dog house frame is now assembled. This completes Part 3 of our Dog House project. Tune in next week for the final phase of the project where we will finish the roof using tar paper and shingles and add additional coats of paint.


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