Birch Plywood Flower Box – Part I

May 11th, 2017

In celebration of Mother’s Day, a nice way to display flowers in the home is in a birch plywood flower box.  For our flower box we are using 18mm birch plywood, and the dimensions we chose for our box are 27” long, 7 1/2” wide and 5” tall.  To complete this project you will need a piece of 12mm or 18mm birch plywood (large enough to make the desired size of flower box), saw, tape measure, hand sander or sand paper, wood glue, hammer or nail gun, small nails, paint, and a brush.

After measuring and cutting the pieces, we sanded the edges to give them a smooth finish.  Wood glue was then applied to the edges before we assembled our box.  The pieces were nailed together to complete the box shape of the birch plywood flower box.  It is now time to decorate the flower box.

See the pictures below of the progress so far.  Check back next week to see the completed birch plywood flower box project.

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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