Birch Plywood Cake Stands – Part I

June 22nd, 2017

Show off your baked goods by displaying them on beautifully crafted stands constructed from birch plywood and a few accessories.

For our project, we are making a painted square cake stand with some decorative edge accents, and a distressed round one with a mahogany base and jute rope edging to give it a bit of a weathered nautical look.

The supplies needed for completing birch plywood cake stands are:  3/4″ birch plywood, jigsaw, table saw, fine grit sander, fine tooth hand saw, clamps, wood glue, wood filler, 1/4″ wooden dowel rod, 1 7/8” x 1 3/4″ wooden candlesticks, 2” x 5/8” toy wheels, paint, stain, and decorative accents.

We began with measuring and cutting the shapes for our stands from birch plywood and sanding the edges.  For the square stand, a 1/4″ hole approximately 1/4″ – 1/2″ deep was drilled into the bottom of each candlestick.  Toy wheels are then glued onto the candlesticks.  Then insert the wooden dowel rod in the holes and cut them off leaving about 1/2″ exposed for placement into the stand.  Measure 2 1/4″ from each corner on the bottom of the square stand for foot set-back.  Drill 1/4″ holes in all four corners to insert the footing.

For the round stand, a compass was used to measure a 16” circle on the birch plywood.  We had a scrap piece of thick mahogany that was cut into a square approximately 6” x 6” to be attached as the base of the round stand.  Using a table saw, a decorative edge was diagonally cut along the four sides of the mahogany base to give it a more detailed look.  It was then attached to the bottom of the birch plywood circle using wood glue.

See the attached step by step video of the construction process of our birch plywood cake stands, and check back next week to see how these stands are finished.

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