Another Creative Use for RevolutionPly® Plywood

October 8th, 2014

Check out these amazing paintings by Ryan Cureton, an artist from Monroe, North Carolina. He’s been using our RevolutionPly® panels as a canvas for his beautiful work. Ryan is excited for us to share his pictures, and Patriot Timber is happy that he found such an interesting and creative use for RevolutionPly® plywood.

Painting on RevolutionPly® Painting on RevolutionPly® Painting on RevolutionPly®

Like we’ve said before, RevolutionPly® panels are the perfect choice for cabinetry, flooring, wall paneling, millwork, and woodworking projects. Now we can add painting to the mix! With its uniform grain and consistent color from sheet to sheet, it’s no wonder RevolutionPly® plywood is the choice of artist, Ryan.

Painting on RevolutionPly® Painting on RevolutionPly®

I want to thank you for your wonderful products! I’m able to create amazing paintings on your product, which gives me a durable, light weight, smooth surface! I can paint directly on surface and my finishes are clean, professional and high quality”!Ryan Cureton

Painting on RevolutionPly® Painting on RevolutionPly®

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