Muli-functional Barn Style Door – Part I

September 29th, 2016

A creative use of Patriot Timber Products RevolutionPly® Plywood is constructing a multi-functional barn style door.  We built this door for a hall bathroom, and also to provide a message center on the hallway side.  The top half is a cork board for pinning coupons, business cards, or artwork; while the lower half is a chalkboard for writing messages, lists, or reminders.

To complete this project you will need a sheet of RevolutionPly® plywood, strips of pine boards for framing the edges, saw, sander, ruler, wood glue, wood filler, level, heavy duty staple gun, corkboard, chalkboard paint, trim paint, paint brushes, and of course gloves and safety glasses.

The first step is to measure the cut for the size of door needed.  Once this has been cut, the sizes of the corkboard and the trim pieces are easy to determine.  After measuring and cutting your pieces, a light sanding of the edges is needed to obtain a soft finish.

The corkboard is then attached with glue to the top half of the primed side of the RevolutionPly® door panel.  You will need to attach another piece of RevolutionPly® cut to size to fit the bottom half and glue that into place, butting up to the corkboard to make a level surface.  You are then ready to assemble and attach the trim pieces with glue and staples.  See the pictures below of the project’s progress and check in next week for the completion.

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