Labor Day Craft Project – Part 1

September 8th, 2016

Fun & Easy Labor Day Craft – Part I

A festive Labor Day craft is simple with just a few supplies.  Patriot Timber Products’ RevolutionPly® is perfect for creating all sorts of crafts.  We wanted to create a unique version of the American flag.

All you will need to begin the project is a piece of RevolutionPly®, saw, pencil, ruler, and a block sander.  If you do not have a saw, you could simply use a sharp utility knife to score and snap the pieces.

We first cut the sheet of RevolutionPly® into the desired size and shape; we made them 5” x 10” and cut out a “v” shape in the bottom.  We then lightly sanded the edges of each piece until smooth.  Using the American flag design, we marked in pencil the lines and stars to be painted on our panels.

See the pictures below of the supplies and progress of our project.  Check in next week for Part II showing the final stages and the finished product.

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