IronPly® Soffit Plant Stand – Part II

July 30th, 2019

The next step in our IronPly® soffit plant stand project is to paint the grooves in each panel with black paint to give depth and detail to the plant stand.  Once dry, stain is applied to each panel.  We chose a darker stain, but any color would work depending on the desired look.

Next, strips of trim wood are cut to the length of the panels.  As shown in the picture below, two different shapes of trim wood are used along the length of two panels.  One is larger and cut to the desired depth of the planter floor that will hold pots.  The larger trim will act as a ledge to hold the floor piece in place.

Wood glue is applied and then the pieces are stapled or nailed to the inside of the panels for ease of assembly.

See pictures below of these steps.  Check back to see the next steps in our IronPly® soffit plant stand project.

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