Happy Halloween Part II

October 28th, 2016

Happy Halloween – Part II

In continuation of our scary Halloween craft project, we completed painting the pieces for our yard display.  After applying a coat of gray paint to the primed side of our RevolutionPly® plywood tombstones, streaks of black paint were added and then smudged lightly with a crumpled paper towel to give the piece a look of weathered marble.  You can be as creative as you like with the tombstone markings.  We chose to add humor to ours to make it more fun.

Once the paint was completely dry, a coat of polyurethane spray was added to all the pieces to help protect against weather.  Thin strips were cut from the plywood scraps to be attached as stakes, so the pieces can be placed in the ground and stand for proper display.  These stakes were attached with wood glue and secured with clamps to allow the glue to set up overnight.

Take a look at our finished project below.  It turned out great and was so easy.  Check back with us for more crafty ideas using Patriot Timber’s family of panel products.

For more information on RevolutionPly® and our other panel products, go to www.PatriotTimber.com.

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