Birch Plywood Cake Stands – Part II

July 14th, 2017

In conclusion of our two part birch plywood cake stand project, we chose to give each of our stands a different look.

The square stand was painted a soft gray color and then coated with polyurethane for a beautiful and durable finish.  The final touch was adding some decorative tacks as accents to each corner.  We placed them slightly off the corners of each side, but you can decorate your stands any way you like; the possibilities are endless.

The round stand was first painted white and then coated with a thin layer of stain.  The stain was immediately wiped off leaving a weathered look to the piece.  Once dry, polyurethane was also added to this stand to give it a durable finish.  To achieve a more nautical or beachy look, jute rope was attached first with a small finishing nail and then attached all the way around the outer circle using a hot glue gun.  Then another finishing nail was added to secure the end of the rope to the stand.

See the attached video of the final stages of our project and also of how these cake stands were used to display delicious and festive baked goods for a party.

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