Birch Plywood and RevolutionPly® Wine Rack – Part II

February 2nd, 2017

We have the pieces cut for the framing of our wine rack.  After lightly sanding the edges, we used screws, a hammer and a steel bar to achieve our desired distressed look.  This can be done by placing screws on a hard surface, in this case a cement floor, and set the cut pieces of wood on them.  Applying pressure, rock the wood pieces against the screws and this will cause indentions in the wood.  Using a hammer or steel bar, gently tap the pieces of wood to further achieve grooves and blemishes.  Once stain is applied, these indentions will soak up the stain and produce that desired aged or antique look.

Wood glue was applied to the edges and then the pieces were nailed together to form the outer box frame of our wine rack.

See attached pictures of the progress and check back next week for the next steps in constructing this birch plywood and RevolutionPly® wine rack.

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