What are the Characteristics of Birch Plywood?

June 16th, 2014

Birch plywood has many characteristics that make it ideal for the average home builder or woodworker. Its light color and smooth texture are pleasing to those interested in aesthetic appeal, while the plywood’s strength and durability makes it easy for an amateur carpenter to create a few masterpieces.


Birch plywood is not one solid piece of wood but is made up of multiple layers or plies of veneer. The number of layers or plies depends on the thickness of the Birch plywood panel, its intended application and the manufacturer’s specifications and processes. The two outermost layers of Birch plywood are referred to as the face and back veneers, while the inner plies are referred to as core stock. Core stock is also produced from layers or plies of veneer. Typically, Poplar, Gum, Pine or Aspen veneers are used for core stock in the production of Birch plywood as well as many other hardwood plywood panels. In certain areas of the world’s production, Birch veneer is also used as core stock in the production of Birch plywood. The core veneers are glued together in many different configurations depending on the intended use of the panel and the manufacturer’s specifications. Some examples of these configurations would be LVL Birch plywood (laminated veneer lumber), uni-directional Birch plywood, lumber core Birch plywood and conventional Birch plywood. The veneer specie(s) of the core stock along with the configuration help determine the strength and durability of Birch plywood panels.

Birch plywood can be treated or left untreated depending on a customer’s request or its usage. It can also be treated to make wood that is used for water-resistant interiors or waterproof exteriors. It can be sanded on both sides, one side, or left unsanded. It is very light in color, and has a smooth surface that is typically void of splinters or rough or jagged edges. This makes it perfect for constructing furniture and cabinets. It is also used to build small-scale structures such as dollhouses, doghouses and many children’s toys.

Birch plywood is a versatile product that is readily available and is often found at cost-effective prices. It is often used in combination with other hardwoods because it is typically more affordable than many other hardwood plywood options.

Patriot Timber Products offers Birch plywood in 4’x8’ panels in ¼”, ½” and ¾” thicknesses. Other sizes such as 5′x5′, 5′x8′, 4′x9′, 3′x7′, 8′x4′ and thicknesses ranging from 1/8” – 1” are available in the market place. All of these are determined by the intended application of the Birch plywood panel, the source of the production and the manufacturer’s specifications.

For more information on the characteristics and uses of Birch Plywood, please visit http://www.patriottimber.com/plywood-lumber-products/birch-plywood/.


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