RevolutionPly® and RevBead® Queen Headboard – Part III

May 11th, 2018

Now that the main section of our headboard using RevolutionPly® and RevBead® is complete, the next step is to cut the trim pieces to both frame the headboard and provide footing to enable it to stand.  We again used RevolutionPly® plywood for the trim pieces to complete the design of the headboard.  Using both wood glue and nails, the trim pieces are attached to the top and sides of the headboard to provide a finished and detailed look.  This is where creativity can be used in a number of styles and designs in finishing your headboard.

In preparation for the finishing touches, wood filler is applied over all nail/fastener indentions to provide a flawless look to the surface of the pieces.  Once dry, a light sanding to these areas promotes a clean smooth surface and our headboard is now ready for paint and final details.

See pictures below of progress on our headboard project and check back to see the final stages and finished RevolutionPly® and RevBead® headboard.

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