IronPly® Soffit Plant Stand – Part IV

August 28th, 2019

The final steps in completing our IronPly® soffit plant stand are to add the floor and shelf pieces, and then fill our stand with a beautiful plant.

Using the 3/4″ exterior panel pieces, the size of the needed floor piece and shelf were measured and cut.  Holes are drilled in the center of the pieces to allow excess water to escape from live potted plants.  Since the floor piece will show as the footing to our stand, it was also stained and varnished to match the look of the stand.  The inside shelf piece that will hold the pot in place can remain unfinished as it won’t be visible, but certainly can be finished as well if preferred.

Wood glue is first applied, followed by finishing nails to hold the pieces firmly in place.  The plant stand is now ready to hold beautiful potted plants or colorful floral arrangements.

See the pictures below of our finished IronPly® soffit plant stand.

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