Dog House Project: Part 4

February 9th, 2015

We’re back for part 4 of our dog house project. The structure of our doghouse is complete with an opening in the doorway and a base coat of paint.


Now we are ready to put the finishing touches on the roof, as well as paint our dog house to make it a beautiful home for a needy four legged friend.

Start by rolling out tar paper leaving a slight overhang off the front and back. Make sure the edge is even with the bottom edge of the roof. Any excess should be folded over the other side.  Put 3-4 nails or staples across the top, the middle, and the bottom to hold the tar paper in place. Then repeat this procedure for the other side.





Lay the first shingle upside down across the bottom of the roof (the slits in the shingles usually face downward).  Make sure it has been cut to fit so that each edge hangs over the sides approximately ¼”. Put 3-4 nails or staples across the top, the middle, and the bottom to hold the shingle in place. Grab the next shingle and lay it the correct way with the slits facing downward directly over the top of the first one. Put 4 nails or staples across the top and across the middle just above the tar line. This will ensure the fasteners do not show and will be covered by the subsequent layer. Lay the next one over the tar line just slightly above the slit on the previous one. You also want to make sure to align the slits in the second shingle with middle of the previous one (you will have to cut 1 of the outside panels in half to make sure they are aligned properly). Nail or staple the shingle in place just as the one below it so the fasteners won’t show. Trim the piece you cut off so it fits on the opposite end and aligns with the previous layer. The next layer should be a full piece that is trimmed to fit. Finish both sides the same way. When you get to the top layers, one side will be folded over the top and laid under the top layer on the other side. Then you will have to trim off the final side so that it doesn’t overlap too far on the next side covering up the slits.






Now you want to start on the ridge cap. Cut the panels of a sheet of shingles where the slits are making 3 even panels (keep track of which side is the top and which is the bottom). Cut approximately a 30 degree angle from below the tar line up to the top. Lay the 1st one over the ridge and fold it down evenly. Make sure the bottom of the shingle panel is aligned with the edge and the angle cut section is laid inward. This will ensure that the top edge will not stick out when the ensuing panel is overlapped. Put a nail or staple above the tar line to hold it in place. Then lay the next panel the same way, making sure to cover the tar line. Finish laying each panel the same way and then trim the final panel to fit. Nail or staple the panel (you will have to nail this final panel on the outside with the nails showing. We used a dab of weather-proof contact cement on the shaft before nailing it into place to seal it. We also colored the nail heads to match the shingles.




After finishing the paint and the shingles, we applied a clear coat of satin varnish to add additional water and sun protection. We sprayed it on following the directions on the can to ensure it was applied properly.






Next week, we will share our trip to the SPCA where we will be donating the dog house along with other items that the organization needs in order to care for animals waiting for their forever home.

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