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August 22nd, 2012

Patriot Timber Products provides our customers with the finest imported panel products originating from sustainable and legal sources complying with the Lacey Act. We offer third party certification on many items to meet your individual requirements. You’ll find an extensive range of panel products at Patriot Timber – whether your needs call for a high-end appearance, strength, durability or exceptional value. We have the perfect product for any requirement – fancy plywood for the furniture and cabinet industries, plywood underlayment and all-purpose panels for construction and industrial use. Our goal is to provide you the best in quality and service no matter what the product or the application.

With the increased focus on sustainability and certification, we have developed our own family of panel products that are free of tropical hardwoods and originate from plantation and renewable sources. Now you can go Green, with confidence, using the Patriot Timber family of panel products:



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