RevBead® Menu Board – Part II

March 31st, 2017

In continuation of our RevBead® menu board project, black chalkboard paint was applied to one side of the cut RevBead® panel.

The framing pieces were cut from a strip of trim moulding and lightly sanded on the edges.  We chose red as our frame color and two coats were applied.  Once dry, the painted pieces were formed around the edges of the chalkboard and attached with small finishing nails.  The frame was then sanded and a coat of stain was added and immediately wiped off to achieve a distressed/worn look, which will add some character.  This is where your imagination can play.  Different types of trim can be used for framing, and any number of paints and finishes can produce a variety of looks to fit any décor.

We decided to use chalkboard markers to write on the days of the week instead of using peel and stick lettering.  Now the menu for each day can be written in chalk and your RevBead® menu board can be displayed on a stand or hung on the wall in your kitchen.

See the pictures below of the final stages and of the finished project.

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