It’s Tailgating Time!

November 6th, 2014

What better way to enjoy fun, food, and fellowship than supporting your favorite team at a tailgate party. Tailgating is a great American pastime during sporting events and there are many ways to enjoy in the festivities and show your team pride.

Patriot Timber’s RevolutionPly® plywood is the perfect choice for constructing Cornhole boards that are enjoyed at many tailgating parties.  The durability of RevolutionPly® panels is great for the wear and tear of hours of Cornhole before the big game!

photo 1          Cornhole 1 copy

RevolutionPly® plywood is also great for creating yard signs to show team support. Check out the signs that Tim Wangler in Troy, Michigan made. What a creative way to honor your favorite team!


RevolutionPly® panels are consistent in color and have a straight uniform grain for ease of cutting, scoring, finishing, and applying adhesives, making it ideal for woodworking projects.

I love the finish, very little sanding to do, really just the edge from the cutting, saves a lot of time”. – Tim Wangler

To learn more about the many great uses for RevolutionPly® plywood,

Happy Tailgating!

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