5 Benefits of Choosing Birch Plywood for Your Home Improvement Needs

March 21st, 2016

Aesthetic Appeal – Birch plywood has a smooth, rich sheen making it the perfect choice for home furnishings or home improvements. Birch can also be left untreated or stained for a richer color providing versatility when finishing products.

Durability – Birch plywood is commonly known for its strength and stability. Three or more layers of Birch are combined together to make a single sheet of plywood, reinforcing the strength of the original piece of wood. This results in a durable material that can be used for a variety of applications.

Competitive Pricing – Birch plywood is a versatile product that is readily available and is often found at cost-effective prices. It is often used in combination with other hardwoods because it is typically more affordable than many other hardwood plywood options.

Safety – Birch plywood has few knots and jagged edges. Also, because it is smooth and not known to splinter or crack, birch plywood is a safe choice when making children’s furniture and toys.

Little Environmental Impact – Birch trees are an abundant and fast growing species that cause little devastation or destruction of biodiversity when cut down. Birch plywood is a sustainable, long term choice that has little impact on our global environment.

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